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TerraCycle Easy Racers Idler Kit

starting at $67.00


This great idler and custom made idler bracket mount directly to your existing idler tab and allow you to utilize the famous long lasting all USA made TerraCycle return idler instead of the stock S bend jockey wheel setup or the newer fixed chain tube setup. Your chain line will be smoother, quieter and the unit will be infinitely easier to keep clean. This is idler kit so smooth and quiet, it's almost like having nothing there at all- but safer. You need to ensure the long return chain run is controlled to keep it off the ground and out from under the rear wheel in emergency situations. This kit is the quietest, all around nicest way to do it.

We've sold thousands of these kits, and the results are always the same- "Wow! I can't believe how quiet my bike is now!". You really can hear almost nothing, and your drivetrain will spin easier than you ever thought it could. 

If you have a new Easy Racers and you are replacing the little piece of chain tube, installation is super easy and only takes a few minutes. If you have the S bend tensioner, it's still easy, and takes just a little bit longer. The tensioner has more parts to take off, and you should do a quick chain length check. On most bikes, you won't need to change anything, but on bikes that were set up with a bit of extra chain, you may want to shorten it by 1 or 2 sets of links. A quick shift into the big-big combination and you'll know. 


Both Idlers have the same super quiet, super durable material for the chainbed, but the Sport Idlers have molded side plates and ABEC 7 steel bearings, and the Elite Idlers have CNC machined aluminum cores, lighter side plates, and hybrid ceramic bearings.

The Easy Racers Idler kits on this page are for the Easy Racers (USA made) Tour Easy, Gold Rush, Ti Rush, and Fold Rush bikes, and the Sun (Taiwan made) Tour Easy. We make a different kit for the other Sun EZ LWB bikes; see the Sun EZ-1 and EZ Sport Idler Kit here.

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