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Stainless Brake Cable

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If you're looking to replace your cables then Jagwire's stainless cables are, in our opinion, the best option. We offer them here because finding high quality, longer length cables can be a challenge in some bike shops.

Most recumbent bikes/trikes can use a standard length (1700mm) cable for the front brake connection. Rear cable length depends on the cable routing of each bike. Most recumbents we see need tandem length (3500mm) cable to make the connection. Please measure your current cables to ensure the proper length before ordering.

There are two cable heads available: Mountain (looks like a barrel, is typical on most recumbents) and Road (a mushroom shaped head). Road cables will not fit Campagnolo systems.

Most recumbent bikes and trikes will need one 1700mm mountain cable and one 3500mm mountain cable.

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