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Shimano PD-T400 Click'r Pedal



The PD-T400 is a two-sided clipless pedal that is among the easiest we've ever used. The Click'R system is engineered to deliver all the benefits of SPD without the intimidation factor and learning curve of traditional clipless pedals. Shimano Click'R has solved many challenges typically associated with clipless pedals and shoes. Clipping in and out of Click'R pedals - even at a split-second's notice - is easier than ever. Clipping in requires 60% and out requires 62% less effort than traditional SPD pedals, due to a lighter, single spring engagement. An 11 degree elevated catch position perfectly positions the cleat for instantaneous and fluid shoe-to-pedal engagement.

Click'R pedals are a shop favorite for recumbent trikes and commuting. The ease of entry and exit is so simple, we sometimes can't tell that the cleat has engaged. Getting out is even easier and requires almost no effort. Despite the light spring, we've never clipped out unintentionally while riding. Cleats are included. Standard SPD cleats are also compatible.

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