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HP Velotechnik Scorpion fs 26



HP Velotechnik Scorpion fs 26 – The first full-suspension, foldable touring trike with a large 26-inch rear wheel!

Trike riding is becoming even more efficient and comfortable with the Scorpion fs 26 Trike.

  • 26" rear wheel:  Compared to the smaller 20-inch wheels conventionally found on recumbent trikes, the larger wheel on the suspended rear of the new Scorpion fs 26 model provides an even smoother ride, less rolling resistance, and easier obstacle traversing. The combination of full suspension with tried-and-tested chassis technology from the automotive engineering sector and the positive running properties of larger wheels sets new standards in riding dynamics. The independent suspension on the front wheels based on the MacPherson principle provides impressive road holding and excellent stability on sharp corners.
  • Integrated HP stabilizer system featuring an anti-roll-bar positioned beneath the front axle wishbones that prevents the bike and the driver from leaning outward excessively when cornering hard. The chassis has plenty of well-balanced suspension travel to offer with 60 mm (2 1/3 inch) on the front and 80 mm (3 1/8 inch) on the rear wheel swingarm for outstanding riding comfort
  • The new Advanced Steering Geometry (ASG) enables riders to control the Scorpion fs 26 smoothly and precisely, giving it a small turning circle of just 5.5 meters (18 feet) despite its long wheelbase. The .front axle’s anti-dive geometry prevents the dive effect when braking sharp.
  • The new frame has been specifically designed for optimum suspension without power-loss and a flat fold of the 26 inch rear wheel while keeping the seat position and bottom bracket height equal to those of its smaller brother Scorpion fs 20.
  • Quickly Foldable:  Thanks to HP Velotechnik’s sophisticated self-locking folding hinge, the vehicle can be quickly folded into an easy-to-transport package with dimensions of just 123 x 83 x 69 cm.
  • Seat options:  In addition to the ergonomically-shaped ‘BodyLink’ hard shell seat, HPV also offers the option of the further improved ‘ErgoMesh’ seat. This not only provides optimum ventilation for the back but also offers more side support thanks to the enhanced seat design with strengthened, anatomically-shaped side cushioning. For larger riders, the seat is will be available in a 5 cm (2 inch) wider ‘ErgoMesh XL’ version with a 3 cm (1 1/8 inch) longer back rest and seat panNeed.

Let us help you fill out the custom configurator to choose the many available options! 

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