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HP Velotechnik GrassHopper fx



Folding recumbent 20"/20"

Small Package. Great ride!
GrassHopper fx – the foldable touring recumbent bike by HP Velotechnik.

Time for refreshing new aspects. The GrassHopper fx brings action into the cycle world. For a long time bike riding meant one thing: hump up and step downwards. The GrassHopper fx accelerates forward, suspends downwards – and folds to the side.

  • Rapidly folding bike!  On the train, in the car or at home this touring recumbent likes it small, with a packing dimension from 96x50x70 cm and a weight starting from 15,5 kg. Unfolded on tour the GrassHopper fx is pure riding pleasure.
  • Above-seat Steering:  Your GrassHopper fx glides smoothly like an arrow on the street. Off-road the 110 mm suspension travel handles roughnesses with ease.
  • Seat Options: Take a comfy seat on the airy ErgoMesh-Netseat or the fully adjustable BodyLink seat. This one is good for your bottom, your intervertebral discs and your family planning. Flexible like your life it gives a pleasant support for dynamic sprints.
Let us help you fill out the custom configurator to choose the many available options!

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