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BionX P 350 DL Electric Assist



 BionX P 350 DL Power Assist System - Down Tube Mount

This long-range BionX downtube system includes a high efficiency 48V battery with a sleek, low-profile, ideal for narrow frames. The portable, compact power supply is great for quick recharges on the go. Weight savings of over 1.8 kg (4 lb.) over the previous L downtube systems.

The BionX Touring Series e-bike systems are perfect for day-to-day city commuting or for leisure rides on the weekend. With proven, award-winning BionX technology, combining a long  80 km (50 mi.) range with compact Li-Ion batteries, the Touring Series is powerful, versatile, stylish and fun! You’ll want to ride every single day. 


  • Long Range (L):            Up to 50 miles per charge (assist level 1, ideal conditions)
  • Battery:                          Li-Ion / 48V / 6.6 Ah / 317 Wh
  • Battery Mounting:          Down Tube Low-Profile Design
  • High Torque (HT):          9.0/40.0 lb.-ft. normal (6.6/29.5 lb.-ft. maximum)
  • Weight (System):           14.1 lb.
  • Assistance Levels (%):  35, 75, 150, 300%
  • Wheel Set options:        20", 26", 700c, 24", 27.5"/650b


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