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TerraCycle Bacchetta Idler Kit

starting at $67.00


The TerraCycle Over/Under Elite or Sport Idler

High Racers are year after year proving to be favorites amongst performance riders. The TerraCycle Over/Under Elite or Sport Idler will ensure that your pedaling efforts are delivering the most power to the rear wheel. Faster sprints, less effort climbing, beautifully constructed are comments we hear all the time. With all the high end aftermarket upgrade parts that Bacchetta Riders love to put on their bikes, doesn't your Bacchetta deserve idlers this good? 

You can choose the very:

  • Affordable Sport Series idler with aluminum cog and ABEC 7 bearings OR
  • Beautifully machined Elite Series Idler with drilled out Titanium cog and hybrid ceramic bearings. 
Both styles of idlers have full width custom molded urethane bands on the return chain side for incredible durability and noise reduction.

Note: If you have a first year Bacchetta and have not replaced the idler, you probably have a 2.5" diameter idler with a 2.5" chainkeeper. Please contact us to choose from a larger, current sized chainkeeper or a special stainless/nylon chainkeeper.

PHYSICAL WEIGHT OF OVER/UNDER IDLER: Elite 114 gr. , Sport 107gr. 

Questions? Call 847-692-4240 or email us.

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