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Adaptive Cycling


ADEM 2R Headrest / Bacchetta Recurve Seats



 The ADEM 2R has the same features as the Euromesh model.

Fore/aft adjustment is made by minor bending of the aluminum mast.

The ADEM 2R comes with the LX pad with its hollow center for the most comfortable ride possible.

Please note that the ADEM 2R DOES NOT WORK WITH the Bacchetta Big Bag. It should work with the new Brain Box, but that has not been confirmed.

The ADEM 2R is a "Special Build", and, for now, it is available only in bare aluminum finish. I ask for your height so I can spot possible fit problems and make minor adjustments as required.

Also, as a "Special Build", returns are limited to repair of defective parts. However, if you have a problem with your headrest, contact me and I will try to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.

Questions? Call 847-692-4240 or email us.

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