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ADEM 2C Headrest/ Hard Shell Seats

starting at $120.00


 The ADEM 2 readily attaches to Hard Shell seats using the four #8 self-threading screws, which thread into the plastic bracket eliminating the need for nuts. All fasteners are stainless steel. Installation requires only drilling four 3/16" dia. holes in the seat shell.

Vertical adjustment and complete removal of the mast is easily accomplished by simply flexing the locking tab to disengage the velcro. Adjustment can even be made without leaving the seat.

Fore/aft adjustment is made by minor bending of the aluminum mast.

The ADEM 2C comes with the LX pad with its hollow center for the most comfortable ride possible.

The Standard version will fit most riders up to about 6 ft. tall. The Tall version provides an additional 2.5" of height.

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