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How to Measure Your X-Seam



 Supplies Needed: You will need a tape measure and a board that is approximately 30" to 48" long (an ironing board will work).

  1. Place one end of the board on the floor, then put the entire board flush against any wall.
  2. Pull the bottom of the board 14" to 16" out away from the wall.  This should simulate a comfortable reclined position similar to what you would have when driving a car.
  3. Pull your butt tightly against the bottom of the board (by holding the board steady in its position with your hands, while gently scooting your butt against the board).
  4. Extend your legs straight out (no bending of the knees), and point your toes straight up towards the ceiling.(It will be necessary to remove your shoes for this step).
  5. Now take the measurement from the base of the reclined board to the bottom of your shoeless heel.

The measurement (in inches)that you come up with is your X-Seam!


Hint#1 – You can place a book at the base of your heel before you have straightened out your legs, then once your legs are straight, you can get up and take the measurement from the board’s base to the point that your heel left the book.


Hint#2 – You may want to repeat the measuring process from start to finish, to insure that your “X-Seam” measurement is correct, if only for your peace of mind.


Size                                                     X-Seam












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