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Velocity Recumbent Wheelset



Velocity USA is a company that has been making high quality rims for quite a while now. We've always loved them because they are one of the few companies out there that offer hard to find recumbent rim sizes in multiple styles, weights and hole counts.

A new wheelset can be one of the most noticeable improvements a rider can make to their recumbent. All of Velocity wheelsets are hand-built in Grand Rapids, Michigan and most of their rims are now being made in Jacksonville, Florida. In fact, each person working at Amling's has at least one set of Velocity wheels on a bike--and some of us have quite a few more...

Each recumbent is different and the proper wheel size/hub spacing is very important. We've listed a few common wheelset combinations but feel free to call or email if you have any questions or don't see what you need. We can work with Velocity to get what you need.

These wheelsets are not mass produced so each wheel will be special ordered and custom-built for you. It will be at least a week before a wheelset is shipped out. We will do our best to give you a rough time estimate soon after your order is placed.

Wheels are built with 32 spokes, 3 cross, and have machined sidewalls for rim brakes.

Common Sizes:

Front Rear Color Applicable Bikes
20" (406), 100mm hub width 20" (406), 135mm hub width Black     HP Velotechnik Grasshopper fx
20" (406), 100mm hub width 26" (559), 135mm hub width Black Bacchetta Giro 20, Bacchetta Bella, HP Velotechnik Speedmachine, HP Velotechnik Streetmachine
20" (406), 100mm hub width 700c (622), 135mm hub width Black Easy Racers Tour Easy Expedition spec
26" (556), 100mm hub width 26" (559), 135mm hub width Black Bacchetta Giro 26

Questions? Call 847-692-4240 or email us.

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