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TerraTrike Rover Tandem Attachment Kit

between $1,099.00 and $1,399.00




The Rover Tandem Attachment Kit quickly transforms your standard single and 8 speed Rover into a Tricycle-built-for-two! 

Simply disconnect the rear section of your trike and add the new tandem frame extension in the middle, new included front chains and chain tubes, add the seat and handlebars and you are ready to ride! The stoker seat features the same adjustable quick release as the original Rover seat and allows for a wide range of rider sizes. We've also included a additional chains and chain tubes for the Tandem so you can you can quickly change for the Tandem to the single rider version without  having to add or subtract chain.

  • Tightest Tandem Trike turning radius on the planet
  • Nearly patented comfortable ride
  • Easiest Tandem to get on and off
  • Most affordable Tandem Trike in the known universe

For an extra $300, you can also order the kit with an Independent Pedaling System (IPS) to allow the stoker and driver of your tandem to pedal at different cadences. In fact, one person could do all the work if they wanted! This set up is perfect for couples whose activity or experience levels are different, and allows for riders of all types to pair up and enjoy a comfortable ride together.


Both Attachment Kits Include:
  • Tandem frame extension
  • Additional seat
  • Captain's seat stays
  • Additional handlebars
  • Crankset
  • New front and rear chain & Chain tubes
  • All necessary fasteners and hardware
  • Assembly instructions


Special Note:

  • 3 Speed Rovers will need to purchase an 8 speed wheel & shifter
  • If the total passenger weight might exceed 400 lbs., consider adding a heavier duty set of wheels

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