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HP Velotechnik Scorpion fs plus 26



Full suspension foldable trike 20"/26"


"And how do I get on?" Almost everyone who faces a recumbent trike for the first time asks this question. And many add: "That would be too low for me out on the road." With the new Scorpion plus 26, such discussions are a thing of the past. The rider intuitively climbs on from the front and hovers above everything. This has been made possible thanks to the far larger frame and the ErgoMesh HS plus seat. A comfortable seat height of 57 centimeters (22.5") was previously inconceivable for this kind of bike.

This Scorpions is about ten centimeters higher and wider than that of previous models. The result: Never before has it been so easy to mount a trike in the typical HP Velotechnik design with two front wheels. The comfortable mesh seat at a height of up to 57 centimeters gives the impression of a comfortable deckchair on wheels. Unlike HP Velotechnik's lower recumbents, the seats on the Scorpion plus are so high that riders can not only get on easily but also have a clear view in traffic.

To still enable riders to mount the trike easily, the developers have made major changes to the geometry of the front wheel axles. The two support elements on the main frame now swing forward and act like open arms, inviting users to take a seat with a single movement. This allows a rider to get in and out of the seat with their feet underneath them rather than having to "fall" back into the seat.

Larger vehicle for smaller riders

Yet the most astounding thing about the larger Scorpion plus is that the new geometric design now also enables far smaller riders with heights from just 4'10" to easily climb onto the stylish trikes and start pedaling.

But despite all these changes, the vehicles have in no way lost their classic Scorpion genes. The trike is a full-suspension model that uses the same tried-and-tested McPherson chassis as the rest of the "Scorpion fs" range. Thanks to HP Velotechnik's patented quick-folding hinge, the trike can be quickly and easily folded to just 81 x 91 x 99 cm (L x W x H) and fits in almost any car trunk. The height increase is reflected in the Scorpion plus extra 16 cm ground clearance, which provides plenty of space between the trike and rough terrain without it becoming shaky - just like an SUV.

Sporty riders may prefer the BodyLink seat to the high ErgoMesh HS plus one. However, even with this sporty hard shell version, the command seat still reaches a lofty 17 inches. The manufacturer assures that the seat, which is attached by three quick releases, can be removed in seconds. And thanks to the new seat stop, finely adjusting the seat position is now easier than ever.

At the same time, the Scoropin plus 26 offers plenty of space for luggage. The rear support can hold four conventional bags with a load of up to 110 lbs.

The large Scorpions character also shines through in the little details. One small part with a great effect is the new hand rest. Hollants commented: "You dont have to be a cycling globetrotter to quickly notice that the supported cushion under the handlebar grips provides outstanding respite for the hands." When ergonomically adjusted, riders can cruise through the countryside even more casually than if they were driving a car with their arm resting on the center console.

The "Scorpion plus 26" is available in the new elegant color scheme of Sahara Silver or in Magma Red.

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