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TerraCycle 5x9 in Basic Asymetric Cockpit Mount T Bar



This T Bar is designed for mounting accessories such as computers, phones, GPSs, iPods, lights, mirrors, etc.

The 5" x 9" Asymmetric T-Bar allows a full 5" for mounting possibilities. At 7/8" wide, most any accessory that fits handlebars will fit the T-Bar. 9" tall means that you have plenty of space to adjust and adapt your accessories to be as close or as far as you want them to be. The asymmetry allows greater creativity to take place, to the left and to the right.

7/8in is the standard handlebar size, so any accessories designed to attach to handlebars will work on this T Bar. You can attach a mirror inside the T Bar by removing one of the plugs and inserting the mirror mount.

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