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TerraCycle Double-Ended Cockpit Clamp



An essential building block in the Cockpit Mount family is theDouble-Ended Cockpit Mount Clamp. The 7/8" to 7/8" clamp allows you to clamp to two 7/8" tubes, while the 1" to 7/8" clamp attaches to two tubes of different sizes. The open-ended, two-screw setup means that installation is a breeze, because you don't have to remove other things from your tube. The high surface area of theĀ Double-Ended Cockpit Mount Clamp's grip securely clamps into place, holding any accessories or mounts wherever you want them to be.

This clamp will attach any metal tubes of the right size as long as they are reasonably straight. If the tubes are too curved, it will stress the clamp and possibly dent the tube. Since the clamp grips so strongly, we do not recommend them for use on Carbon Fiber Tubes.

While this clamp is really quite strong, it is not designed for use as part of your actual steering. It will work great to hold things onto your handlebars, but it's not meant to handle steering loads.

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