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Nite Ize LiteRide GT



Durable, lightweight, and versatile, the Nite Ize Lite Ride GT instantly turns nearly any handheld flashlight into a bright, powerful bike light - no tools required! Flashlight not included.

Simply slide your barrel-shaped handheld flashlight into its grooved, thermoplastic rubber base, adjust the two bendable 9" Gear Ties for a secure fit, and twist their ends tightly around any bicycle handlebar - voila! Instant bright, directed light that not only alerts others to your presence, but also illuminates the path ahead for a doubly safe ride in the dark. The soft, durable external rubber ties won't scratch or mark surfaces, and they can be twisted and untwisted hundreds of times, so you can move the Lite Ride GT to other bikes, wrap it any other bars, poles, or straps to hang or create directed light where you need it. You can even shape the Gear Tie ends into feet and create a free-standing table for steady, focused light while making roadside repairs.

  • Dimensions: 2.33" x 1.41" x 4.24" | 59.35mm x 35.79mm x 107.95mm
  • Weight: 0.78oz | 22.00g

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