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Light & Motion Vis 360+



Light & Motion Vis 360+


Light and Motion made the Vis 360+ system a better, safer option by incorporating both front and rear light together, using the same battery pack so you'll always know that you'll have ample juice for both lights. But what really makes it special is the inclusion of amber side lights. These side markers create a 360 degree field of visible light. 

The system is designed to be easily mounted on the helmet, as accident data also shows that cyclists are more visible to cars when the headlight is mounted on the helmet. From our experience, this is also preferable for performance reasons -- your light will point directly where you look. It casts a bright, white 250 lumens beam of light which runs on the high setting for 3 hours. The medium setting will get you twice that, and it will pulse on the flash setting for a full 16 hours.

What sets the VIS® 360+ apart from the standard Vis 360 is that in addition to the higher lumen front light, it features a button that can toggle the rear light - when you ride in a group you can keep your front light on and turn the tail light off. The light features Micro USB charge port that most cell phone chargers will charge or can be connected to a conventional USB equipped computers. 



Front Light: 250 Lumens
Run Time:
High- 3:00
Low- 6:00
Flash- 16:00
System Weight: 130 gr 

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