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FastBack NorBack Frame Pack



Inspired by Texas cycling legend Cletus Lee who provided the idea, and named to honor our head seamstress extraordinaire, the NorBack is a tool pack and more. Inside, a big grippy holder secures a Topeak Morph or other mini-pump, with room for tools, arm warmers, or even a light jacket. Zippered pockets inside keep small items from rolling around; outside, high-friction material on the straps holds the NorBack firmly in place without swaying. Use it with the new Flash frame pack mounted on the top of the frame and they can share a strap, depending on where the NorBack is mounted. 
Note: Older Topeak Morph pumps were longer than current versions, and won't fit. The NorBack doesn't work on the Rans Formula, according to customers who've tried. 

Weight: 5 oz 
Dimensions: 2?1w X 4h X 14

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