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Arkel TailRider Trunk Bag



A sleek trunk bag that doesn't look like a shoe box

Weight:      1.46 lbs (unit)
Volume:     700 cu. in. Expands to 944 cu. in. (unit)
Minimum Rack width required:   3.15" or 80 mm

 Arkel has designed the most aerodynamic trunk bag on the market. One look and you'll be hooked. It's sleek, uncluttered and aerodynamic. The Tail Rider is...

  • Fully insulated, with a huge opening, many internal pockets and a divider to keep the contents from shifting around. 
  • Waterproof zippers keep the rain out, but for longer rides the Tail Rider has an integrated rain cover. 
  • A built-in expansion bellow expands for more carrying capacity when needed. 
  • Lots of safety features, including a blinker light strap built right.
...the ultimate trunk bag for short or long rides!



Combine the bag with Arkel's:

  • Randonneur Rack - comes in at just 17 ounces. This combo is the lightest and sleekest alternative out there to wide trunk bags and wobbly seat post connections. Joining the minimalist revolution doesn't mean compromising on weight, areodynamics or space. Be lean, sleek and fast.
  • Washable Rain Cover to keep your bag clean and dry.

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