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Adaptive Cycling


Arkel Recumbent Seat Bag



Weight:   0.6 lbs (unit)
Volume:  1100 cu. in. (unit) 

The Arkel recumbent seat bag features durable Cordura construction and is loaded with great Arkel features such as a flag pole sleeve, water bladder pocket and hose port hole, exterior compression for variable seat widths and dual carry handles.

Here are some of the recumbents that the seat bag has been tested on:
  • Sun EZ-3, X-3, X-2, Ez Sport, and EZ-1
  • Easy Racers models with the Kool Back Seat
  • Rans (and other brands that use Rans Seats) models featuring the standard Rans seat
  • Bacchetta bikes with a ReCurve seat
  • Lightning models with the standard seat.
  • Ice Adventure & Sprint trikes
  • HP Velotechnik bikes and trikes with standard width EuroMesh seat
  • Volae Tour Mesh seat 

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