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Storing bikes in winter

Posted by Jim Strasma on December 18, 2012

 As winter finally sets in here in Illinois, it's time to store our bikes. When doing so, it's important to keep their tires off concrete floors when temperatures there go below freezing, lest the tires be damaged.

For our family's three bikes, we do this in three different ways:

1) Our BikeE LWB recumbent hangs upside-down from our garage ceiling on two large hooks screwed into ceiling joists.

    Plus: Low cost and well out of our way

    Minus: Hard to lift the bike into position and get it down again

2) Our Easy Racer LWB recumbent hangs on a fold-down wall rack

    Plus: Rack folds out of the way when not needed

    Minus: Not as wide as I'd like for such a long bike

3) Our Terratrike tandem trike hangs from two rope and pulley ceiling mount systems

    Plus: Easy to lift and lower even a heavy bike to any desired height.

    Minus: Making sure to lift both sides in sync, so trike doesn't tip

Here's the result:

I particularly like that I can still easily work on the raised trike, and how little of our garage space had to be given up to store all our bikes.

Need ideas on how to store your own bikes this winter? Come see us. We'll be glad to help.

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