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Electric Trike Cruising

Posted by Joe Reichert on October 02, 2011

 The ultimate around-town cruiser. 

We mated a BionX 350w electronic propulsion system to a Catrike Expedition. Imagine effortlessly cruising to and from work (up to 50mph) at up to 20mph. This Sport-Luxury Catrike is capable of handling heavy loads for long distance touring and it is still a fast machine with a very wide gear range.

The BionX product will provide you with four assistance modes and four regenerative modes, giving you extra energy to climb a steep hill, overcome a strong wind or just to ride your bike with more ease. Think of it as the Prius of cycling.


  • 2011 Catrike Expedition
  • BionX 350w hub motor
  • BionX downtube battery pack
  • BionX multifunction console
  • BionX charger

You have to test ride it to believe it.

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