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Amlings Cycle Consignment Specials!

Posted by Joe Reichert on September 28, 2016
Brand Model Retail Sticker Show Special
Lightning Thunderbolt $1,100.00 $500.00 $450.00
Longbikes Slipstream $3,250.00 $1,500.00 $1,350.00
Linear LWB $600.00 $540.00
Greenspeed GTO $5,450.00 $2,000.00 $1,800.00
Cycle Genius Raven $800.00 $720.00
Rans Gliss $1,995.00 $600.00 $540.00
Sun Tour Easy $1,999.00 $1,000.00 $900.00
Cruzbike Softrider $1,195.00 $900.00 $810.00

CUBE Demo Pricing!

Posted by Joe Reichert on September 28, 2016




Show Special






Carbon Basso




Giro 20




Giro ATT 26




S350 RX



















HP Velotechnik

Gekko 20



HP Velotechnik

Gekko 26



HP Velotechnik




HP Velotechnik

Scorpion FS 26



HP Velotechnik

Scorpion FS+ 26



HP Velotechnik





Adventure HD 20 FS




Adventure 26 FS




Full Fat




Sprint 20 FS




Sprint 26







Terra Trike

Rambler 8spd



Terra Trike

Rambler Base



Terra Trike

Rambler Base/All -Road



Terra Trike

Rambler "Baby Fat"



Terra Trike

Rover NuVinci



Terra Trike

Rover Tandem (Non IPS)



Terra Trike

Tandem Pro W/IPS



Terra Trike

Traveler 8Spd



Terra Trike

Traveler Base






Fine Print!  Prices are available at CUBE only.  Not available for prior sales.  Demos must remain at the show and available for test rides until 4:00pm Sunday, October 2nd  when the show closes.  Consignment bikes and trikes are available for immediate delivery at the show.

CUBE Show Specials!

Posted by Joe Reichert on September 28, 2016

Place an order for a new bike or trike and receive the following value in FREE accessories from Amlings Cycle.

Order Value                                     Free Accessories    

$1000 - $1500                                 $100.00          

$1500 - $2500                                 $150.00          

$2500 - $3500                                 $200.00          

$3500 - $4500                                 $250.00                  

$4500 and up                                  $300.00                                          

Also, our manufacturers have kicked in to provide the following special pricing!

Bacchetta                                     $200 off Aluminum frame bikes

Bionx                                            Free Installation  ($180 Value)        

Catrike                                         $100 off  MSRP

HP Velotechnik                            Free Handrests & W/B Set ($168 Value)

ICE                                              $100 off  MSRP

TerraTrike                                    Free Seat Bag & Flag! ($60 Value)


Consignment, demo, clearance items; price as marked.

New bike/trike orders only, no consignments or demos.  Orders must be placed by October 10, 2016  50% deposit required at time of order.  Balance due at delivery.

TerraTrike Rally & Expo

Posted by Bill Warnock on August 23, 2013

Great times will be had at our first TerraTrike party at our shop. Good friends, free tune-ups for TerraTrikes, door prizes, an organized ride, awesome food, some special guests from TerraTrike headquarters, plus a bunch of our local friends. It's been a super busy year so I'm glad we're finally able to relax with our customers.

The rally will take place Friday, September 6th, from 12-5, at our shop in Niles.

More details to follow...


If you are interested in attending please email us at

Amlings at the Niles Senior Expo

Posted by Jim Strasma on April 20, 2013

 Yesterday, for the first time, Amlings Cycle participated in the Niles Senior Expo at Golf Mill Shopping Center, sending Julie, Jim and 3 recumbent trikes. It was great fun, with lots of unusual comments, such as "You mean you can use it outdoors too?" Attendees seemed particularly interested in our ability to add a BionX electric motor assist to any bicycle.

Here are some of the photos:

Anyone for a Dune trike?

Posted by Jim Strasma on March 21, 2013

 Much as we love our trikes, there are a few places we might fear to take them for lack of extra-wide low-pressure tires. If that's your problem, TerraTrike had a solution at their recent dealer training day - a Rambler 8 speed with tires 4 inches across. Dan and Jim got to ride it a bit in the snow and found it great fun, though it might benefit from more than 8 speeds if your goal is to climb a dune. Give us a call if you'd like wheels like these on your Terratrike too.


Latest News from Mark at Catrike

Posted by Joe Reichert on February 16, 2013

Another Leap of the Cat(trike)


Our vision dictates that we will be excellent at our core, focus 100% on development of our Catrikes and be the inspiration of the trike market. We have quietly spent hundreds of hours in R&D last year doing just that. We have added a lot of new great features to our 2013 line up that will be communicated to our dealers and public by our next Catrike Rally. We will have a small price increase to reflect the true value of our ethically made in the US products. In the mean time we have a few changes that are being implemented now in what we call the 2012.5:


2012.5 models (we are calling these 2012 and a half models, meaning that they have new updated 2013 frames but with 2012 components. These are the trikes we are shipping in January and until our 2013 models are ready)

-prices remain the same as 2012 for these 2012.5 configurations


-Pocket: New frame, 406 wheels front, 41 degree seat back (4 degrees less than 2012) and 9" Seat Height (1" higher then 2012) another great, perfectly scaled Catrike.


-700: New frame. We fit this trike with 406 (20”) front wheels and Ultremo ZX tires. As an accomplishment in engineering, we rotated the rider’s body position around the center of gravity, thus achieving a more streamlined position, raising the seat, transferring weight to the rear of the trike, without in effect, affecting the center of gravity. We have dropped its bottom bracket just enough for perfect tuning of the cockpit and the balance between rider comfort, output and aerodynamics. Finally we have added 1" to its wheel base, to a total of 46" for an optimum weight distribution, front wheel clearances and impressive straight line stability. The result is a slightly more reclined and better aerodynamic position, a higher seat bottom and ground clearance to create an improved relationship between the chain line and its main frame, thus stiffening the whole frame during pedaling while still maintaining its impressive cornering ability, handling and steering forces during turn. On top of that, because we have our own CNC milling machine, we have designed and sculpted a new flanged drop out that is lighter, stiffer and just plain gorgeous that screams quality and design with a purpose. This trike is simply the most beautiful, refined and fastest Catrike we ever produced. We have coined the term of a low flying carpet for trikes and nothing is more truthful when you ride the new 700.


-Trail and Villager: These Catrike are even more sophisticated with new seat adjustable system (like the Road). Frame is clean, light and strong and now has a 300 lbs weight capacity with one quick release to adjust the seat angle that is very friendly and intuitive. Not all steering systems are designed equal. Thanks to our over a decade in steering design and dedication and expertise in direct steering, we have yet again refined our steering geometry. Its handling rivals any trike in the World that cost thousands more, and still provides the great qualities of a well designed direct steering; light at low speed, solid at high speed with a great road feedback and a direct connection between rider and machine. A lovely and fun feeling with all the performance and stability desired.


- Our new 2013 Catrike standard group is unprecedented and establishes a new benchmark in the trike category. Thanks to our focus, volume and standardization we are able to give more.


-Colors: we have selected the 7 most appealing, popular and meaningful colors and will offer only these in 2013. They are mostly considered premium, double coats and they will come as a standard with no price increase on any Catrke model. This is a case that we figure we can do more offering premium colors in our established process so we can provide it as a standard cost, making the Catrikes even more appealing and greater value. This will allow our customer to decide with confidence among only great choices of our beautiful Catrikes. The new standard colors are: Liquid Black, Alpine White, Moon Rock Silver, Electric Blue, Lava Red, Saber Green and Shinny Mango.





You are looking at the most streamlined, most laid back, longest, stiffest, leanest, meanest and yes fastest Catrike ever made, the 2013 700


Mark Egeland







TJ's Anura Lounging In The Park! In December!

Posted by Joe Reichert on December 17, 2012


Have a cool picture of your recumbent or trike?  Post it on our Facebook Page or email it to us!

TerraTrike's “Bag and Flag” Promotion is Back!

Posted by Bill Warnock on November 25, 2012

TerraTrike's annual “Bag and Flag” holiday promotion has begun once again. From now through January 1st, any customer who purchases a new TerraTrike from Amling's Cycle will receive a free TerraTrike seat bag and safety flag: a $70 retail value.

In order to participate in the promotion, customers must send in a copy of their registration card along with a receipt showing where the trike was purchased to the TerraTrike corporate office. Once verified, the accessories will be mailed to them free of charge.

To learn more about TerraTrike models, click here.

Recumbent Racing Tips

Posted by Joe Reichert on June 16, 2012

Reblogged from Ben Dickinson and the Ice Trikes official blog. Source.

We are all excited about racing at the moment, having just returned from the WHPVA world championships, so I thought a few race preparation or fast ride related tips would be topical.

Train for it.

If you are new to racing, you should start preparing your body as soon as possible, at least 12 weeks prior to your event is advisable. Get a map of the course so that you can determine what type of riding you'll be doing, and physical fitness you'll need.  See if you can determine how much of the course is uphill, how much is downhill and what the grades are.

Set a mileage goal for each week prior to the race. Increase your mileage gradually over a number of weeks. This helps to avoid injury, over-fatigue and burnout. Add in more hills to challenge your body and build endurance, or add some interval training where you increase your pace on flat roads for timed intervals. For example, pedal fast for two minutes, then recover with a comfortable pace for three minutes and then repeat. I have found this is a good way to push yourself harder in training than you otherwise would just through steady pedalling and it should improve your ability to perform longer at varying intensities.

In the last week before the race give yourself more time to rest to give your body a chance so to recover energy level fully. Eat the correct foods for your training and racing. During your muscle-building period, eat more lean protein. During your aerobic training, eat more complex carbohydrates.


Practice riding.

Ride with others. Get used to riding close to other riders at speed. Practice drafting, this is riding close behind another rider so as to take advantage of the slipstream. The key here, whether in front or behind is not to behave unpredictably. Do not make any sharp braking or steering movements. Practice cornering at speed, lean well into corners, as you lean tip your head backwards. This will help to move your centre of gravity backwards and reduce the sideways scrub on the wheels.


Prepare your trike.

The exact setup will of course depend on the route and conditions, but generally you will need your race machine to be both as light and aerodynamic as possible. Remove anything that is not absolutely necessary. In my case this meant mudguards/fenders, racks and various mounting brackets, lights and chain tubes. Set your trike up the way you will ride it during your race and give yourself time to get used to it in that configuration. Adjust the seat to the most reclined position you can stand and adjust the handlebars so that your arms hang close to your body and your forearms are fairly horizontal. Wind resistance makes a big difference. Check the rules to see if there are particular things you will need to do to be allowed to participate such as fitting a chain guard or providing places to display race numbers.


Final preparations.

Give yourself time to give your race machine a pre-race check over. Check that all bolts are tight, that your gears are indexing correctly, that your tires are clean and undamaged etc. A simple mechanical failure that prevents you from finishing or causes you to lose significant amount of time could mean that all your effort was for nothing.  Check your tire pressures. Generally harder tires will be faster, you may still need to adjust for road surface. Don’t forget to lubricate your chain.

Before you race eat a light meal. Include carbohydrate-rich foods such as fruit, bread and cereals to maintain your energy levels. Bike Radar suggests that you time your pre-race meal to occur about three hours before the race starts.

Warm up for 30 minutes (or 45 if you can) before the race. Pedal in a low gear for the first 15 minutes then start incorporating harder intervals. Stay loose after the warm-up by moving and walking around before the race starts.

Staying hydrated is essential the body needs enough liquid to cover what is being lost through sweat and the extra exertion of your ride., choose sports drinks or just plain water, take gels and energy bars to replace carbohydrates, as well as sodium, potassium and electrolytes.


And most importantly have fun!

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