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Schwinn "Sports Tourer" 1971-1975

Posted by Jim Strasma on February 23, 2013



One step down from the top-of-the-line "Paramount" series, the Schwinn "Sports Tourer, along with the "Superior" and "Super Sport" had brass fillet-brazed SAE 4130 Cr Mo (chrome molybdenum) straight seamless tubing, rather than the silver-soldered Reynolds 531double-butted tubing and Nerves lugs of the "Paramount."

The "Sports Tourer" frame was hand-built at the Chicago Schwinn factory from 1971 through 1975. For added strength, frame tubes and stays were reinforced with internal sleeves at brazed joints to support Schwinn's famed lifetime frame warranty. Sadly, the lifetime of the company turned out to be less than that of this "Sports Tourer." 

The "Sports Tourer" frame and fork are all Cr Mo, with forged rear dropouts and a threaded bottom bracket for cotterless cranksets. Introduced at $196 in 1971, its final price was $209.95 in 1975.

Though the Schwinn name lives on, Schwinns are no longer made by the same company. 

(Source: Sheldon Brown)

Original promotional image from Schwinn (Source:

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