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Bacchetta Giro 20 (aluminum)

Posted by John Warnock on November 06, 2011

This high-racer build is one example of numerous options to make your dream bike. We

are building a Bacchetta Giro 20 (aluminum) with various options for components.

To start, it is important find a good set of wheels to put under your bike. For recumbent
wheels, certain sizes can be a bit spare, but Velocity wheels, a company based right
out of Grand Rapids MI makes some quality wheels specifically for bents. There are a
couple of options. You can go with the standard size 406/559 Thracian wheels, which
are a pre-built set from the factory. That same set offered is also offered for those who
wish to use disc brakes. Once you’ve settled on the wheels, the rubber comes next.
Once again finding some quality road tires for recumbent size wheels can be tricky,
but Schwalbe makes a great line of tires for recumbent applications. For this bike we
went with the Duranos in the 406/559 x1.1 size. This tire size is just about the minimum
width you can run. We picked this size due to the fact that we are going after a road
bike feel for this build.

When it comes to the drive train your options are endless, but for this bike we are going
after the road bike feel. We picked the Shimano Ultegra 6700. On the cranks we used
50/34 chain rings to power up hills with ease. Front and rear Derailleurs are the normal
2x10 with a 11-28 cassette, the widest option offered, plus the Ultegra chain and bottom
bracket. For shifters we used the Dura ace bar end 2x10 shifter.

The brakes we used are the Avid Single Digit SL rim brake and mated with the Speed
Dial SL lever. Both of these brake components use Ti hardware and give a nice look to
the bike. The other option for brakes would be the use of disc brakes. Bacchetta outfits
their Giro’s with disc tabs, so mounting will be no problem. The options here are once
again very wide, but the Avid BB7 mechanical calipers work great and can mate well
with the Speed dial SL levers.

The last component would be the headset. For this bike we went with Chris King, giving
your steering clean and smooth movement.

Options for a custom build for recumbent bikes are endless and the ability to capitalize
on building your dream bike can be done with the help/assistance of the staff at Amlings

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Posted by Joe Reichert on November 06, 2011

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